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Top 4 Quality Humidors that You can Buy

You may want to think about properly storing cigars for long-term use if you enjoy smoking cigars from time to time.

If not properly stored, cigars degrade quite quickly, and our guide to the best cigar humidors will provide you with the right tools to make sure this doesn’t happen.

However, humidors are simple devices that play a vital role, but they are not always easy to use. You can store your stogies at relative humidity levels between 64F and 75F with the right humidor, which is widely recognized as the optimum level for cigar storage.

When properly stored, cigars will taste better with age, just like fine wines. If you’re new to the world of cigars, you might not believe it.

Even though purchasing a cigar humidor is not rocket science, there are a few points to keep in mind.

Things to look at before buying

Type of humidor:

Cigar humidors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A desktop humidor sometimes referred to as a case humidor is portable and lightweight. These are ideal for home use or for travel purposes.  

With metal hinges in place of a vacuum seal, you’ll get a reasonable capacity set against a compact footprint. Cigar coolers operate on the same principle as wine coolers.

Cigar humidors
Cigar Humidors

These give you the space for a much larger cigar collection, but they are correspondingly bulkier, so make sure you have the room to accommodate the cooler. For a much smaller alternative, a cigar storage jar lets you keep 10 or so cigars fresh while you’re traveling.


In some cases, it is advisable to bring a cigar. In that case, it’s a good idea to choose a travel humidor. 

In fact, you can only put a few cigars in it, but it’s a good idea to bring a travel humidor that’s easy to carry and can be taken anywhere. Sometimes it comes with additional accessories such as cutters and lighters.


Most freestanding cigar coolers are made of stainless steel, while desktop humidors are made of wood or laminate. Cedarwood is used for moisturizing and repelling insects that are attracted to your beloved cigars. 

In fact, drawers should be lined with cedar. Pine is a reasonable alternative, but cedar is an industry-standard.


A hygrometer is similar to a thermometer, except that it helps to measure the humidity of the humidor rather than temperature. Some of these units are very inaccurate and will draw your attention to them in today’s review.


Any humidor lacking an airtight seal and lid means you’re wasting your time and money.

Well, aside from keeping your eyes peeled for any worthwhile extras like cigar cutters, if you focus on the above elements, you should have no problem finding the most appropriate humidor for your needs.

Explore our curated list of the best cigar humidors out there, paying particular attention to the seal and hygrometer.

1. Case Elegance Cedar Humidor

Our favorite Cigar Hardal is this Seda Jewel of the overall case elegance. Is it in a crowded pack? 

First, you are ideal for your desktop with a generous capacity that can save 25 to 50 cigars. Similar to our shortlist’s Fumiko, the capacity is determined from its preferred stick ring meter size. 

One of the main sales points is an integrated digital humidity meter. This makes it easy to maintain humidity levels and create an optimal storage environment for your stove. All you have to do is take some solutions to keep the relative humidity between 65% and 70%. 

Unfortunately, we found some isolated complaints about the accuracy of the hygrometer, which is a common problem with many hygrometers. The magnetic closure keeps your carefully realized storage environment safe at all times.

As you’d expect from one of the best cigar humidors on the market, the cedar lining inside gives you the ideal moisture-retaining environment so your sticks won’t dry out, even if you’re storing them long-term.

There’s an accessory tray baked in. Keep your lighter and cigar cutter close to your hand.

2. Audew Electronic Cigar Humidor

What is the best time to insert a cigar? The answer is simple: celebrate. Birthday, holiday, anniversary, or life of life celebrates these special moments rare Cuba cigar.

Matter of fact, save them to this Audew Electric Cigar Humidor to ensure that the cigar is the next celebration. It looks like a mini cooler for cigars! 

Thermoelectric technology is used to ensure that their cigars are finally long, thereby allowing even distribution of moisture levels in the cooler. This will prevent the cigar from getting too moist due to excess water. This allows cigars to retain their natural oils and flavors.

3. Mantello Glass-Top Cigar humidor

Mantello’s cigar Humidor is spacious on the inside and can hold up to 50 cigars, depending on the ring gauge. You can see that sucking a larger stick reduces the capacity to 25. 

How would this humidor be shaped, assuming you have enough space for your stogies? 

The rosewood finish adds elegance to your desk or countertop and provides a delicate yet eye-catching setting for your cigar collection.  You can see the cigars from the window above. 

In other words, it does not unnecessarily invade the storage environment. Together with a metal hygrometer, you have the opportunity to control the humidity and keep it at the optimum level. 

Most user reviews of this humidor are fairly positive, but some complaints have been found about the difficulty of adjusting humidity levels. Not only do you get impressive build quality and performance here, but this is also one of the cheapest cigar humidors in the world. 

All you have to do to get started is to activate the humidor. Use a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and PG (propylene glycol).

4. Whynter 250-Cigar Cooler

Whether you have a large cigar collection at home or require commercial storage, industry giant Whynter offers a superb solution with this sprawling humidor.

There are two sizes of this cooler. This has a capacity of 1.2 cubic feet and can hold up to 250 cigars, depending on the ring gauge.

A thermostat lets you set the temperature between 50F and 66F. Although we’d like to see this go a few degrees higher, you’ll be able to create a stable and consistent storage environment for your stogies.

The reliable thermoelectric cooling makes no noise or vibration to disturb you. Inside the cooler, you’ll get the moisture-retaining cedar used inside all the best cigar humidors. 

With a humidity tray and hygrometer inside, you’ll be free to keep the humidity levels in check, as well as regulate the temperature. Both elements are key for storing cigars at their best.

In contrast, there’s nothing much to say against this humidor aside from the fact you’ll need a fair amount of space to accommodate it. In return, you get the means to store large quantities of cigars while keeping them fresher for longer. You can rely on Whynter.

How Long do Cigars Last in a Humidor?

Have you ever wondered, how long your treasured cigars last in that super expensive humidor that you last bought? Don’t you want to know that the investment you will put into a humidor is even worth it?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, this article is definitely for you.

In several ways, fine cigars are like fine wines. They are organic and extremely sensitive to the external environment. They need an accurate level of temperature and appropriate moisture to be well-preserved.

Cigar aficionados would undoubtedly go to great lengths to preserve the precious hand-rolled treasures they spend days, months, and years collecting. The necessity of a good-quality cigar storage system, i.e., humidor, cannot be overstated.

If the cigars are kept in an overly heated or air-conditioned room, they dry out, and their authentic aroma and taste are lost, sometimes even in half an hour. Henceforth, a humidor is used.

Cigars stored in Humidor
Cigars stored in Humidor (Source: Pixabay.com)

A humidor elegantly maintains the internal humidity of the cigar.

 For those of you who use cigars know that there is nothing better in the world than pulling out a fresh and well-humidified cigar from the humidor. Let me ask you a question, would you like to hang on with your cigar for twenty minutes or twenty years?

Yes, you read that right. A good quality cigar humidor can sustain your cigar for up to twenty years, or even more.

Now, let us talk about how long cigars can last in a humidor.

How Long do Cigars Last in a Humidor? 

How long cigars last and retain their worth in a humidor is mainly dependent upon two factors:

The makeup of the cigars

The quality of the humidor and the effort that you put into maintaining it

Firstly, let us talk about the makeup factor.

The Makeup Factor

Cigars’ lasting in a humidor is often dependent upon the makeup and how much attention and care the cigar-maker has shown towards making the fine tobacco rolls.

Proper Management of Cigars in Humidor
Proper Management of Cigars in Humidor (Source: Pixabay.com)

Cigars are made from natural plant products. Environmental conditions mainly influence the lifespan of a cigar.

If you store it in an environment that is too dry, it will undoubtedly lose moisture and become extremely dry. Furthermore, in an environment that is too damp, cigars will be prone to become oversaturated.

To a large extent, the sustainability of your cigars depends upon the quality of the humidor you buy.

Hence, you have to keep certain things in your mind before you invest.

Selection of Humidor: 

Investing in a humidor is certainly not a small decision. And good humidors are not cheap. However, there is no point in purchasing a bad humidor.

A humidor that does not maintain a required level of humidity, no matter how appealing it is, is undoubtedly a waste of money as well as cigars. Your cigars are valuable, and they require and deserve excellent care.

While choosing a humidor, look for the one lined with a reasonably nonaromatic cedar, such as Spanish cedar. Cedar absorbs and re-emits moisture in a way that helps the tobaccos that are blended into a fine cigar to age and mature.

Finding a humidor with good construction and features isn’t as hard as it sounds. Better humidor manufacturers are passionate about quality control.

After buying a humidor, you would certainly want it to preserve your cigars for as long as possible. However, you have a significant role in maintaining the humidor.

Maintenance of the Humidor:

Humidors are more straightforward to maintain than a lot of other things. However, if you neglect these simple things, the humidor itself will not be able to protect your cigars.

After you buy a humidor, make sure that you don’t expose your humidor to temperature extremes, such as direct sunlight or on the top of your air-conditioner. Also, don’t forget to keep the lid or door shut and periodically as distilled water to your humidor.

If your cigar is the finest, it would not be able to clear out the terrible fate of turning into a dry, bitter, dull hulk of tobacco rolls if it doesn’t have the pleasure of settling inside a well-maintained humidor.

Selecting the right cigar humidor can take a bit of time; there are more varieties than you would expect. Choose carefully. An exemplary cigar case is not only highly facilitated. It is also an accessory that will also make you known as a person of taste.

Cigar Seasoning

As you store your invaluable cigars in the humidor, do make sure that cigars seem to flourish on the fragrance of their environment, so surrounding objects shall eventually impart their scent onto the cigars. Dividers are used in cigar humidors to minimize the tendency of cigars to have their aromatic qualities tainted.

However, it is recommended that different cigar brands be stored in their original boxes, and these boxes should remain closed in the humidors. This is especially necessary for the cigars with different countries of origin, and subsequently, altogether incompatible flavor strengths.

Regular Check-Ups

It is common for cigars to be checked every 1-3 months because humidity levels inside a standard cigar humidor tend to fluctuate in the humidifying system and eventually plummeting into the base of the dividers or trays. You need to look out for three critical factors: air supply, temperature, and humidity levels. Do make sure to check these three factors once in a while.

Here, to find out the makeup of your cigars, you could try your hands with a simple experiment.

When you already know that you like a specific blend, buy a handful of those. Smoke one as soon as you buy it, perhaps on your way out the door of the smoke shop, and smoke another after five days, five weeks, five months, or even five years.

By doing this, you could quickly know when the cigar tastes the best in your humidor.

Top Ten Best-Personalized Cigar Humidors

I was looking for the best cigar humidor for my father. Therefore, I decided to research and take reviews from the users. After hours of exploration, I came across the names of the ten best-personalized cigar humidors that are certainly the best. 

Why Cigar Humidors? 

Cigars are like fine wine. They need to reach a certain age before they achieve their optimum flavors.

However, if an appropriate temperature is not maintained, the flavors are not enhanced, and you will not be able to enjoy your cigar to the fullest. 

The level of humidity in which cigars are kept has a definite effect on their evenness of burn and, most importantly, their taste. Dry cigars are more fragile to burn faster, whereas damp cigars burn unevenly and give off an unusual acidic flavor.

Henceforth, to maintain the quality and standard of cigars as it is, humidors are used. Humidors are cigar containers that are designed to maintain a certain temperature level.

How to Choose a Cigar Humidor?

You need to buy a larger humidor than the number of cigars you will store in it. This certainly is the most important thing to keep in mind before buying a humidor because humidors tend to need proper airflow to maintain the perfect temperature for your cigars.

You also need to consider the different compartments for the cigars that you want to store. If different cigars are not properly isolated from each other, it shall alter their flavor and aroma.

Lastly, remember that quality and material always matters. Consider the wood type of the humidor. It is because the wood you choose impacts the humidor’s ability to control temperature and retain moisture.

The best cedar humidors have Cedrela Odorata (Spanish cedar).

Now, let us learn about the ten best-personalized cigar humidors

Ten Best-Personalized Cigar Humidors: –

1. Glass top Handcrafted Cigar Humidor:

This is one of the best-selling cigar humidors. Made intricately with cedar and other woods, this handcrafted cigar humidor truly serves its purpose. It comes with a front digital hygrometer, humidifier gel, and accessory drawer containing space for about 25-50 cigars by case elegance. 

The digital hygrometer in this humidor makes it super easy to monitor and ensure that the temperature is adequately maintained. It stores your lighter, cigar cutters, and even a travel case in the large bottom slide-out accessory storage drawer. 

Moreover, the minimal design tastefully sits flush against the humidor when closed.

It weighs about 1315.42 grams. The color is glass top, whereas its opening mechanism is magnetic. The price range falls under $94.99-$119.99.

2. Renzo Glass Top Humidor

The Renzo Glass Top Humidor is one of the most feature-packed humidors by Case Elegance. It has undergone years of research and extensive testing to solve every shortcoming previously experienced with other humidors. 

The use of Spanish cedar makes this humidor more elegant. It too contains the digital hygrometer in the front, which helps to monitor the adequate temperature efficiently.

The color is glass top. In addition, it possesses a magnetic enclosure. 

This premium humidor features a handsome dark walnut finish. It weighs about 2.9 pounds. It costs $99.99.

3. Military Glass Top Humidor

This humidor is strong and durable with thick wood construction and cedar inlay, making it easy to maintain a constant ideal humidity for the extremely precious stogies.

This humidor consists of corner guards, slide lid latches, handles, and a hygrometer in front. Interiorly, it has a recessed humidification system and a removable storage tray that is slidable. 

Now, you don’t need to remove the top tray to reach the cigars you want in the bottom anymore. 

Furthermore, a precise rubber gasket seal gives you extra protection against unwanted air leakage behind each hygrometer. 

It has a patent-pending Hydro System. This patent-pending makes maintaining your humidor’s humidity between 65-72% RH a simple task.

From the custom digital hygrometer, patent-pending Hydro System, removable wood storage tray, custom metal hardware to the unique foam accessory drawer, each detail of this large and exotic humidor goes through scrutiny to give you the best box for your cigars.

The Military Glass Top Humidor’s color is military green. It costs $99.99.

4. Primera Glass Top Humidor

Primera Glass Top Humidor is a slim, sleek, and alluring humidor unlike any other. It stacks the cigars in any feasible way you want with the new patent-pending system. 

The modular walls of this humidor fit into a grid in the wood tray cover on the bottom of the humidor that gives you the ultimate flexibility to organize the stogies.

It consists of a digital hygrometer in the front that most precisely monitors the humidity and makes sure that the cigars are in good smoking condition. These are the most air-tight humidors available in the market. 

It is a moisture-locking beast.

The color is black and white whereas the price is $99.99. 

5. Desktop Digital Cherry Humidor 

This elegant humidor is created and designed for novice smokes or those of you who need a secondary humidor for another location.

Desktop Digital Cherry Humidor is made with real Spanish cedar that makes it a moisture resisting machine. It has an accurate digital hygrometer that accurately measures the interior’s moisture and helps to maintain it. 

It holds up to 25 cigars, making it a compact and perfect humidor size for novice smokers. 

This easy-to-use humidor has a rich classic cherry wood finish. This is the best value cigar humidor you can find in the market, only at $44.77.

6. Octodor Glass Top Humidor 

This is one of the biggest humidors that hold up to 100 cigars. Its features include a digital hygrometer, a magnetic lid, and an accessory drawer.

Its patent-pending Hydro-System is low maintenance cigar humidification system that makes controlling and maintaining the humidity easy. 

This humidor properly stores the lighter, cigar cutters, and travel case in the drawer. This drawer is lined with a plush felt and fitted with a custom octagon that makes it easier to access the accessories. 

It comprises a detachable cedar tray with a movable partition wall. It separates the cigars to permit better seasoning and airflow. This tray also helps in organizing your smokes. 

It is black with a high gloss piano finish. It costs $179.77. 

7. Mill Glass Top Humidor 

This is a modern approach to cigar storage. The interior of Mill Glass Top Humidor is lined with solid cedar walls that control the humidity and make the maintenance effortless. 

The main features include the accessory drawer, the digital hygrometer, the Peg-System, and Turn-Key humidity. 

With Mill Glass Top Humidor, you can stack your cigars in any way you want as it has the patent-pending Peg System. This makes controlling your humidor’s humidity between 62-70% RH effortless. 

The modular walls fit into the grid in the wood tray cover on the bottom of the humidor, making it super flexible to organize and sort your stogies just the way you like them. 

It holds 30-60 cigars. It is black in color and is finished with the minimalist black matte wood grain texture. It costs $119.99.

8. Kingston Carbon Fiber Humidor 

The peculiar trait of this humidor is its carbon fiber finish. It is finished with a sleek and modern carbon fiber design. Other features include:

  • A frontal digital hygrometer.
  • Patent-pending Hydro System.
  • Spanish cedar.
  • The tightest magnetic enclosure that you can find in the market. 

The digital hygrometer ensured that the humidor is adequately seasoned. The Hydro System keeps it perfectly seasoned between 65% to 72% RH. 

Moreover, it holds 18 to 68 cigars depending upon the size. Its magnetic operation or enclosure creates a tight seal.

It’s color is black, and it costs $79.99. 

9. Quality Importers Milano 75-100 Cigar Humidor, Cherry

It is one of the smallest humidors available. It falls among the most popular choices.

It is extremely lightweight, weighing only 0.9 pounds. It consists of one round humidifier and one hygrometer with a brass frame.

In addition, SureSeal technology ensures a proper lid seal on the enclosure. It has a gold-plated lock and key with tassels and hidden quadrant hinges. 

It holds 75 to 100 cigars. It is rose-wood in color.

10. NewAir 250 count Cigar Humidor Wineador  

NewAir 250 Count Humidor Wineador‘s main features include easy digital touch controls, a digital hygrometer, and an upgraded lock and key facility. 

This humidor locks in moisture with thermoelectric cooling and a secure door seal. Its precise temperature control lets you maintain an ideal temperature for your cigars without any kind of temperature fluctuation. 

Also, it comprises a removable Spanish cedar drawer and vented shelves that enhance the flavor of the cigars. It possesses an upgraded lock and key that provides you certified protection.

Furthermore, this humidor has three shelves that let you store numerous cigars. The price is 312.96.

Humidors with their prices: 

Glass-Top Handcrafted Cigar Humidor$99.99-119.99
Renzo Glass-Top Humidor$99.99
Military Glass-Top Humidor$119.99
Primera Glass-Top Humidor $99.99
Desktop Digital Cherry Humidor$44.77
Octodor Glass-Top Humidor$177.77
Mill Glass-Top Humidor $119.94
Kingston Carbon Fiber Humidor $79.99
Quality importers Milano 75-100 Cigar Humidor, Cherry$70 and above
NewAir 250 Count Electric Cigar Humidor Wineador$312.96

My favorite Cigar Humidor:

Amongst these many cigar humidors, my personal favorite has to be the Desktop Digital humidor. The greatest thing about this humidor is the price which is only $44.77.

Looking at the features that it provides, this humidor is budget-friendly when compared to others. It also has a hygrometer to control the moisture, and the other best part is that it is extremely easy to use. The color is equally alluring.

Hence, I found it to be the best.

 Some of the other widely used humidors are:

  • Kendal Cigar Desktop Humidor 
  • Bally 100 Count Humidor
  • Cigar Jar Humidor
  • Whynter Cigar Cooler & Humidor
  • Case Elegance Cedar Cigar Humidor
  • Mantello Royale Glass-Top Cigar Humidor
  • Prestige Import Group Baccus Modern Art Deco Humidor 
  • The Woodronic brand makes premium humidor
  • Diego Glass-Top Cigar Humidor
  • The IL Duomo Humidor

These are a few of the best humidors that are available. In the article, the features and price of each humidor are given, and I hope it helps you choose the best for your cigars. 

Cigars: To Be Wrapped in Plastic Inside the Humidor or Not?

In the cigar community, one of the most frequently asked questions seems to be about its storage.

While those familiar with cigars might already have their preferences intact, new hobbyists often have one confusion. “Should I leave my cigars in plastic while inside the humidor?”

Being a cigar enthusiast myself, I have found myself asking the same questions. Well, as much as the answer depends on one’s preference, there are several groundworks we can lay to figure out what best works for the cigar.

So, by digging deep into what is beneficial to keep cigars fresh and intact and doing some research, I found many aspects to it.

Therefore, in this article, I will be answering your queries with recommendations regarding humidor and solid reasons to wrap or unwrap in plastics. 

To Wrap or Not to Wrap?

To answer this question, it doesn’t matter whether or not you wrap or unwrap the plastic off your cigar.

Although it does sound vague, the plastic on the cigar doesn’t take away the effectiveness of a humidor.

Instead, the plastic used in cigars called “cellophane” is slightly better than ordinary plastics. They are porous and allow humidity to pass through them quickly.

Although, as mentioned above, it always boils down to the preference of a person. Some like to keep it on, and some like it off, but the benefits of keeping it on definitely outweigh keeping the plastic off.

Benefits of Keeping the Plastic On

Some of the advantages of keeping the plastic on are:

Longevity of the cigars: 

The plastic used in the cigars helps pass the humidity inside of the humidor to your cigars and keeps the cigars fresh and useable for a long time. It won’t prevent it from aging at all but will slow the process of aging inside the humidor.

Storing large quantities of cigars will be easy:

When storing large quantities of cigars, the plastic cellophane will stop the cigars from “marrying” and keep individual tastes and aromas from mixing up together inside the humidor, which means the individuality of the cigars will remain intact without compromising on storage, making it significantly travel friendly.

Situations where Keeping the Plastic on your Cigar is Beneficial

Now that we’ve already found out how the plastic on cigars helps with the longevity and individuality of cigars, it’s safe to say that most people will not unwrap their cigars and keeping them as is in their humidors.

Cigar humidors
Cigar Humidors

But still, if you prefer mixing the scents and aromas and essential oils of cigars to create a secondary and tertiary scent, I advise keeping your cigars unwrapped on a daily basis.

But say you have a long haul ahead and wonder if you should cover your cigars with plastic? Or should you not?

Let me answer that for you:

Here are some circumstances where it’s best to leave the plastic on your cigars:

1. Long Hauls:

Yes, that is correct; answering my question from above, I will always advise keeping the plastic on during long hauls because it ensures the cigars in enduring minor damage than it would without plastic.

It is a standard practice in cigar industries to have a plastic coat on the cigar before shipping to various retailers, which is why your cigars already come in plastic enclosing.

2. Shipping:

If you plan on shipping your cigars for sale or as a gift, the same rule applies here. For the cigar to ship away, it has to go through quite a lot of traveling; therefore, it is always advisable to enclose it in plastic.

3. Storing a large quantity together:

Suppose you’re planning to store your cigars together and don’t like how it tastes after being mingled with other identical cigars.

In that case, I advise you to keep the plastic on because, as we already know, it helps keep the cigar fresh and stops it from mingling with other cigar flavors and losing most of its essential oils. You must never forget this small detail for maximum freshness and originality.

How to Differentiate Between Regular Plastic and Cellophane

Now that we’ve come this far in this article, it would only be right for me to describe or point out the differences between regular plastic and particular-purpose cellophane used in cigars.

Although both being types of plastics, cellophane is biodegradable and have other differences amongst them:

  • Color:

 Cellophane will have different colors but is transparent and will not appear faded. It is much softer compared to regular plastics.

  • Smell:

Cellophane is a non-toxic and odorless packaging film. Therefore, it tends to be more apparent and different from regular plastics.

  • Test:

 Cellophane is hydrophilic and will absorb water, whereas regular plastics repel the water on its surface.

Now, on for a few humidor selections:

What are my Top 3 Picks on Cigar Humidor?

1. Case Elegance Handcrafted Humidor:

It is a small and compact unit that holds about 15 cigars but ultimately depends on the size and shape of those cigars. If you’re planning to store cigars long-term, regulating the humidity levels is key to preserving the flavors. 

This humidor keeps relative humidity levels at about 65% to 70% which is recommendable for cigar storage.

2. Bald Eagle Handmade Cigar Humidor:

It is a handmade box for the desktop ecosystem and has a modest storage capacity. It fits anywhere from 20 to 25 cigars inside, again depending on the size and shape. The underside of the box has scratch-resistant velvet for the safety of your desk. 

3. Whynter Stainless Steel Cigar Humidor:

The Whynter offers ample cigar storage if you can accommodate it.

This cooler and humidor combined have 1.2 cubic feet of storage space. There’s an even larger version available with double the interior, so you’ll have enough space inside for up to 250 cigars and can be used for small commercial purposes, too.

List of 3 Best Humidors in 2021

Here are some of the best humidors in today’s date:

1. Glass Top Handcrafted Cedar Humidor:

Glass Top Handcrafted Cedar Humidor has an impressive selection of features. With a classy look and feel, it is as perfect as it seems. Case Elegance provides stylish and functional ways to store your cigars.


Materials: Cedarwood, Glass

Capacity: 25 to 30.

 Accessories: Built-in hygrometer


  • Holds 25 to 30 cigars
  • Includes an accessory drawer
  • Elegant design


  • The hygrometer could be more aesthetically appealing.

2. Mantello Royal Glass-Top Cigar Humidor:

 With a classic design and matching analog hygrometer, this humidor has a timeless look. It provides a humid environment best suited to hold cigars. With all of the sophistication without putting a burden on your bank account, this humidor is just the deal winner.

Materials: Cedar, Glass, Rosewood

Capacity: 25 to 50

Accessories: Built-in hygrometer


  • Rosewood finish
  • Gold-plated hinges
  • Scratch-resistant felt-lined bottom


  • The hygrometer is not digital

3. XIII Acrylic Humidor Jar:

This neat humidor comes with a humidifier and all the necessary accessories. So you won’t need to buy anything separately.

The lid gets its fit with a stable seal that locks in the humidity and keeps your cigars from damages and drying out.

Materials: Acrylic

Capacity: Up to 18 cigars

Accessories: Hygrometer, Humidifier


  • Inexpensive
  • Compact
  • Includes cedar sheets


  • Not ideal for long term storage

As I end my article post, I sincerely hope that my article was helpful, and now you know whether or not a cigar needs wrapping in plastic inside the humidor. Also, I have listed three of the best humidors to provide the readers with options and convenience.

6 Cigar Case with Cutter You Should Have in 2021

A cigar is a rolled package of brewed and dried tobacco leaves explicitly made to smoke. Although there is a wide range of sizes and models of a cigar, all cigars have three main components: filler, wrapper leaf, and binder leaf.

So, to store cigars, a good cigar case is required.

A cigar case is a protective container used to keep a specific number of cigars and protect them from damages or crushing. Additionally, these cigar cases are substantial and robust.

In smoking, cigar cases with cutters are very stylish items as numerous brands build them using precious metals, ornament, and decorative paintings. Likewise, a cigar case helps provide the portability and convenience of carrying cigars in your pockets.

It depends on an individual’s need and luxury, but several other attributes contribute to making a complete cigar case.

Similarly, you can also check whether your cigar is damaged or not. To do that, all you have to do is roll your cigar between your fingers and check its dryness.

Dry cigars tend to be very delicate, so if you hear cracks while rolling in your fingers, it means it is already dry and damaged. However, if your cigar is soft, you can conclude the cigar’s texture as extra moist.

So, in this article, I will provide you a list of cigar cases with their features and pricing to ultimately decide which is best for you.

How to Choose the Best Cigar Case?

I have listed three things you should keep in mind before choosing your cigar case.

Cigar Case with Stainless Steel
Cigar Case with Stainless Steel

1. Think about damage protection

One of the primary objectives of a cigar case is to keep your cigar sticks safe and unharmed. So, if you choose a case made from cheap plastic, then apparently, your cigars won’t survive very long.

Therefore, always choose cigar cases from a trusted brand built of quality materials.

2. Don’t ignore the humidity

Many cigar cases are only fit to carry your cigars for a short period due to their compact size case exchanging their ability to humidify. A humidifier plays a vital role in preventing your cigar from drying out; therefore, I recommend using a cigar case with a cutter and a humidifier.

Furthermore, if you put a cigar into your case in the morning and haven’t smoked after that, then I suggest you put it back into a humidifier overnight.

3. Think about cigar size

I strongly suggest that if you are smoking some particular cigars or at least a selective ring size, a cigar case with fingers will be a great option. Nevertheless, if you prefer a variety, a case without fingers is preferable for you.

However, you can always go with the best option, which offers both, a cigar case from Lagute.

What are my Top 3 Picks on Cigar Case with a Cutter?

Following are my picks on the top 3 best cigar cases with cutter.

1. Amancy – Finger Brown Leather Cigar Case

Amancy made this cigar case out of brown leather and cedar wood, including a cutter. Additionally, this case has the storage space of carrying three cigars of 6.5 inches and ring gauge 52, making it more comfortable to keep your cigars inside your pocket while traveling.

2. Rochester: Best No-Fuss Cigar Case

Rochester is a fabulous brand that you can always find in three classic sizes. As the title suggests being the best no-fuss case, you will not regret buying a Rochester if you desire a minimalist, sleek-looking cigar case.

Further, if you are not the one to overthink colors, this brand is for you because it does not provide many color options.

3. Prometheus Carbon Fiber Case

Prometheus Carbon Fiber Case is super elegant, sleek, sporty, and you can comfortably accommodate up to a 60-ring gauge cigar in the case. Likewise, the carbon fiber material is soft and classy with a precise and careful stitch.

Whether you’re entertaining a cigar-smoking guest or get invited into a fancy dinner, the Prometheus carbon fiber case will accommodate you as a perfect luxury cigar case.

List of 6 Best Cigar Case with a Cutter in 2021

There is nothing more relaxing than a tasty cigar after a long day of work. Personally, I tend to save cigars for days when I achieve something, but at the same time, I also have days where I want to sit on my couch smoking and letting my day pass by.

Additionally, an excellent cigar travel case can do very well for the health of your cigars. But it will feel complete to have a cigar lighter, cigar cutter, and other accessories to complete your cigar-smoking case.

So, here is my list of the best six cigar cases with cutters to accompany your luxury time.

GALINER Cigar Humidor Travel Case

Made from soft leather, this travel cigar humidor from GAINER is one you should check out as it looks and feels excellent. It is manufactured from Spanish cedar wood-lined humidor.

You can put this cigar case in your drawer safely, or you can display it on your desk; it works either way. It is also perfect for people who tend to take their cigars while traveling on a weekend trip or to the camp.

GALINER Cigar Humidor Travel Case
GALINER Cigar Humidor Travel Case

Furthermore, you can easily store up to 6 cigars and have a leather strip to hold them steady, avoiding moments and damage. Likewise, it comes in black and brown color options.

Moving on to the cost of this cigar case, it is $70.


Material: Spanish Cedar, High-Quality Leather.

Capacity: Holds four cigars of max length 6.88″ max ring gauge of 22mm

Accessories: one copper cutter, one double-torch Jet Flame Lighter, 1 Siphon


  • Compact cedar wood inner trays
  • Accommodates up to 6 cigars inside
  • Built-in humidifier inside the case


  • Humidifier space is limited and compact to hold smaller cigars
  • It won’t fit in your pocket

Mantello Black Leather Cigar Case with Interior Cedar Lining

Mantello Black Leather Cigar Case is one of the most popular cigar cases in the world. It might look simple, but it is equally aesthetic.

Likewise, black leather, in this case, looks and feels very nice. It has cedar lining that holds up to three cigars that are 8 inches in length.

Nevertheless, many customers have provided feedback stating that it can hold cigars up to ring gauge 60, more than enough for most cigar enthusiasts. Similarly, the price for this aesthetic cigar case is just $15.99.


  • Black Leather with interior cedar lining
  • Storage to hold three Cigars, plus the case is crushproof
  • Brushed Finish, manufactured out of premium Stainless Steel


  • The case has the storage of holding only three cigars
  • Limited to a ring gauge of only 54

CARBON LIFE Carbon Fiber Cigar Case

CARBONLIFE cigar case is a fashionable accessory for every cigar fanatic as it is very small, lightweight, strong, and visually appealing. But, having said all this, one significant downside to this case is- it can accommodate only one cigar. 

Nevertheless, that cigar can be up to ring gauge 60, fitting for people who smoke averagely. The case does not include humidification, which means keeping your cigars in it for too long will cause dryness and even damage your cigar.

Likewise, the price for this case is $16.99.


MORDEN FOR DAILY USE: Fits in most jacket pockets and other small spaces. The case fits easily inside most coat pockets.

TRAVEL CASE: The case creates a near air-tight seal, locking in moisture to keep cigars in good condition.

STRONG AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Extremely sturdy and lightweight carbon fiber exterior.


  • Looks stylish
  • Carbon fiber material
  • Lightweight, compact and strong


  • The case holds only one cigar
  • No cedar lining

Volenx Leather Cigar Case with Cutter

I would consider the Volenx cigar case’s best characteristic is its looks.

The brown crocodile leather pattern looks perfect and will attract attention anywhere you go. Additionally, the company has included a free double-bladed cigar cutter inside as a gift, which is a pleasant surprise.

Also, the quality of the case is pretty decent, making this cigar case one of the best among the cases, judging from the price/ quality point of view. One downside is that this cigar case is not suitable for keeping cigars for too long and is perfect for one-time occasions.

Similarly, the price for this cigar case is $18.98


  • Easy to carry, or have a short journey making it your companion.
  • Brown leather with an aesthetic and attractive classic Crocodile pattern design
  • The gift package includes a Stainless-Steel Cutter.


  • Stylish crocodile leather pattern design
  • Includes a cigar cutter
  • Perfect gift


  • Pocket for cigar cutter becomes loose very soon
  • No cedar lining

LAGUTE Groucho Leather Cigar Case with Dropper and a free Cutter

This cigar case from LAGUTE is different from their previous products. It is more significant because it includes cedar lining and tray, a humidifier, and a dropper.

Furthermore, this cigar case with a cutter is more suitable for extended travel.

Likewise, brown leather with a crocodile pattern makes it look very stylish. The cigar case fits four cigars with ring gauges up to 55.

Also, speaking of price, this case costs $54.99.


PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: The case stores up to four of your favorite cigars and has features that accommodate all your needs to light up your favorite cigar in peace. Similarly, the compact size fits excellent in a sports bag, suitcase, and backpack for even easy convenience.

EASY MAINTENANCE: Humidifier and Dropper help control the humidity inside the humidor of the cigar case. An instruction manual is also provided.

GREAT GIFT IDEA: As this cigar case comes with a decent package, it would be a presentable gift on occasions like Father’s Day, Christmas, or gifting it to the groomsman.


  • Genuine bull leather with a crocodile pattern provides a sporty and sturdy look and feel.
  • Humidifier, cutter, and dropper included in the box.
  • Removable cedar wood tray.


  • Zipper feels fragile

Zgar Cigar Case, Genuine Leather Cigar Travel Case with Cutter, 3-Finger Black

Zgar Cigar Case is a cigar case with a cutter made of leather, adding a sporty crocodile design finish. Furthermore, this is a super classy and strong cigar case that can carry three cigars with a 54-ring gauge.

Likewise, it is easy to carry as its length is customizable, and the cutter is built out of stainless steel. Similarly, the price for this cigar case with a cutter is USD 23.99


  • Premium Quality
  • Excellent Design
  • Detailed packaging
  • Tough and strong
  • Complimentary cigar cutter

List of Six Cigar Cases with their Price

Below, I have provided the list of cigar cases with their price on a table for more convenient viewing.

GALINER Cigar Humidor Travel Case$70
Mantello Black Leather Cigar Case with Interior Cedar Lining$15.99
CARBON LIFE Carbon Fiber Cigar Case$16.99
Volenx Leather Cigar Case with Cutter$18.98
LAGUTE Groucho Leather Cigar Case with Dropper and a free Cutter$54.99
Zgar Cigar Case, Genuine Leather Cigar Travel Case$23.99

As I finally come to the end of my article, I hope this article helps you find a cigar case with a cutter that suits your personality and budget.